In 1860 a large two story school was built on Ottawa street. In 1864 the Great Railway Celebration was held in this school. This was at the time when the Brockville and Ottawa Railway reached Arnprior. There was a fire at the school in 1925 and the school was destroyed. All of the students were moved to available spaces across town, including the upper floor of St. John Chrysostom School, and the upper floors of business with little or no heat.

One year later the new school was built, the school would eventually be named Walter Zadow Public School, " to perpetuate the memory of Walter A. Zadow, supervisong principal of Arnprior Public Schools for 26 years until December 4, 1965, These schools and thousands of today's citizens are his monument." On the cornerstone it reads, June 10, 1925. Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Henry Cockshutt placed the stone.

While Walter Zadow was principal in 1952 a new wing was added. The third wing was added in 1972 - officially opening on May 23, 1973 by the Deputy Minister of Education, Dr. E.E. Stewart. T.W. Harkins and D.J. Fraser were the principals at the time.

Historic Picture Of the School